What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation is like the matrix – but for your computer… In a virtualised world, computers are no longer clunky physical boxes, but are simply a collection of resources from a bigger resource pool provided by a server or servers that is split up for individual workstations to use. Its a much more modern and flexible way to provide computing resources to where they are needed, only when they are needed.

Virtryx uses industry leading virtualisation technology to eliminate your desktop computer and run all your workstations on a server, and then uses a thin-client (or dumb terminal) to connect the keyboard and screen on your desk to your workstation that is running inside of the server. So everything looks and works exactly as you are used to, but you now get to enjoy the myriad advantages of a virtualised IT infrastructure.

A thin client replaces the clunky tower box on your desk

Virtualisation is a technology that is sometimes difficult to understand or comprehend, because it defies the definitions we are used to thinking in terms of when it comes to hardware, software and applications. In a nutshell, Virtualisation is the process of taking an entire operating system that would usually reside on a physical hardware system and putting it inside a software emulated-hardware environment where it can still access all the physical resources (CPU, memory, disk etc) that it needs to run properly. This means that the resources that are available can be shared, a much more efficient system than physical workstations that sit idle for most of the time.

Apart from this cool resource sharing effect, virtualisation has a few other significant advantages:

  • All the important hardware & data is in one place – making it easier to protect and back up
  • It’s more environmentally friendly & uses less electricity
  • Theft of your computers is no longer a disaster
  • Your entire infrastructure is much more flexible and responsive

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