Virtryx System Virtualization Suite

SVS is Virtryx's flagship product - a complete end-to-end virtualized solution providing you with literally everything that is needed to run an enterprise-quality virtualised desktop and network infrastructure - all in one box!. Thin-client desktops, VM's running Windows, Mac or Linux, an industry leading suite of network tools, security and productivity boosting applications.

Prevent criminals from stealing your workstations.
Manage your IT resources better and more flexibly.
Extend the lifetime of your hardware purchases.
Recover from disasters much faster and with minimal damage.
Save energy bills, office air-conditioning and the environment.
Secure your network and make sure that only the people that should have access do.
Manage your users, their privileges and internet access.
Control your own email server, with an online mail spooler and domain.
Protect your files and data from unauthorized access and disasters.
Share files between staff in a controllable way.
Increase productivity with intranet applications.
Free mail domain!

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Virtryx SVS can be installed and running in hours, or implemented at your own pace.

  • dhcp provides network address management
  • apache with MySQL and PHP allows you to run most intranet applications for your employees
  • domain controller provides secure logins and strong authentication
  • samba file sharing - secured & protected
  • dns allows you to access local devices and computers more easily
  • dyndns provides a permanent external domain name for your network
  • online mail spooler provides a backup for your local mail server if your internet connection fails
  • free domain for mail & website!
  • automated server backups ensure you don't have to worry about the security of your data
  • squid transparently proxies your internet connection and filters unwanted sites
  • esxi hypervisor efficiently shares resources
  • tftp & pxe booting means your thin-clients are zero-configuration
  • automated workstation backups ensure you don't have to worry about data loss or downtime
  • optional remote desktop support provides you with instant support on your desktop platform of choice