Our Vision

Maintaining a steadfast commitment to our core values in all aspects of our operations undoubtedly helps to define the character of our company, shape our culture and establish our mission. Our key focus area is driving sustainable growth through the power of our people, our innovative technology and our practical and robust technology. In conjunction with our fundamental operating principles: remaining consumer centric, ensuring execution excellence and continuous improvement and efficiency, primarily through our easily available (remote) support service.


We strive to create awareness, promote and provide superior system virtualisation technology to encourage economic efficiency and social responsibility, driven by and committed to our core values.

Our Virtryx Vision

To be the IT system of choice – positioning our Virtryx brand not as the sole provider of virtualisation technology in South Africa, conversely, the only provider of IT technology. We are the only “Green” provider, the only energy-efficient one, cost-effective, self-managed etc. – the torchbearer of all future IT systems.

We strive to stimulate economic activity with our product and our brand. By promoting sustainability and enabling businesses the opportunity to do so in a win-win situation – cost effective and energy efficient – motivating business development and economic progression.

As server virtualisation slowly becomes a natural path for IT technology, guided by our core values and integrating our operating principles, Virtryx aim to work towards a more substantial society.