Core Values

Integrity:  We have made a commitment to always act ethically and with integrity, starting with showing respect for all individuals by treating them as you would treat yourself and valuing their diversity – ensuring an interesting, stimulating and inclusive environment.

Client Value Creation:  We strive to establish dedicated partnerships with our clients through which we can create value and build loyalty through our distinctive offerings. Our team focus on execution excellence to improve our clients’ business performance through innovative technology and consistent services, creating long-term, win-win relationships.Virtryx :: Building Value

Passion:  Our team shows pride in our brand and heritage, promotes a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment and implement creative, innovative ideas and solutions. Virtryx aggressively promotes and protects our reputation and our team are all personally committed to continuous improvement and to the success and well being of our company and brand and our customers.

Social Responsibility: We strive to empower, enable and inspire social responsibility throughout South Africa with our innovative products and the economic, environmental and organizational benefits they bring. We are an environmentally conscious company and take our responsibilities  to our planet seriously.

Simplicity:  We strive for simplicity and aim to eliminate processes, procedures and activities that slow us down or do not add value. We try to work across organizational boundaries and break down internal barriers by dealing with people and issues directly, avoiding hidden agendas and admitting our mistakes so that we can learn from them.

Our primary focus is on finding solutions and achieving results in the most efficient way possible.