About Us

Virtryx :: Your Ace in the hole

Virtryx is dedicated to providing innovative turnkey solutions for all the IT needs of small and medium enterprises (SME). We are all about sustainability – conserving resources, maintaining efficiency and improving operational performance – minimizing input and maximizing your business’s output through the implementation of virtualisation in your IT infrastructure. Our goals are to decrease technology related costs, increase worker productivity and support business development – and we can do all this simply by implementing a virtualised infrastructure for you.

We have set a new industry standard as a provider of superior server and desktop system virtualisation technology designed specifically for our unique South African market and the small and medium enterprises that compete in it. We can enhance the efficiency and availability of critical IT resources and applications to provide an effective, flexible, low-maintenance and reliable infrastructure that is compatible with all operations and business types – saving you time, money and worry.

As an expanding South African owned and run company, unstable industry trends and unpredictable markets are all too familiar. With declining budgets and cost, resource, and time pressures, our products and services are engineered to mitigate risks, meet demands and overcome security hurdles in this tough economic environment. We understand the significance of creating sustainable value and garnering customer loyalty through our offerings.

Though we are committed to providing workable solutions that increase economic sustainability, we also take pride in being ‘green’ at Virtryx – we work towards environmental sustainability as well. Our products are environmentally-friendly infrastructures that can decrease energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources.

Our virtualisation technology allows you to get more bang for your buck, reduce your expenditure on under-utilized hardware, free your workforce from productivity sapping downtime and enables you to be more flexible. Virtryx can ensure true business agility – the ability to rapidly respond to the changing market environment and reach your full potential.